Our Services

Digital Paw Print offers a well-rounded selection of services. We enable our clients to use one resource for all online and marketing needs.

Throughout your project lifecycle,
your input can be as much or as little as you choose.

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If there is something you need that you don't see listed on our site, let us know - we most likely are able to help you with it ourselves or direct you to another professional source.

How Much?
Pricing always varies depending upon the complexity of the project.

Since every assignment is different, it seems only fair that we price each job on an individual basis. We are unable to provide a flat quote until we have received specifications on your needs and interests.

Our prices are in par with industry standards.

When beginning a project, a 50% deposit is made to start the work in motion. Upon completion, the final 50% is due before files are delivered and sites are uploaded. We do offer discounts for non-profit organizations with proof of non-profit status.

There are three key elements in any service-related business:
quality, speed, and cost.
Every business will offer two out of three.

If you want high quality produced at a high speed, then a low cost cannot be expected. If you would like high quality at a low cost, then you can't expect a fast turn-around time. If you want low cost and high speed, then quality is going to suffer. You will never receive the best of all three at the same time. Why? Because it would be impossible for a business to offer all three and still manage to make a profit. Every and any business that you can think of applies this rule. Restaurants - fast food vs. fine dining. Clothing - inexpensive basic brands vs. designer lines. In any case, the consumer chooses what level they are willing to work within.

At Digital Paw Print, we allow you to choose where your priorities lie. Do you need a masterpiece or something quick and simple? By keeping open to any combination, we remain accessible to all companies, big or small. Being a small design company allows us to negotiate services and costs on an individual basis with our clients.

Talk to us about your upcoming project. We'd love to work with you.