Search Engine Optimization

Search engines and directories are the first method that most people use to to find or discover a web site.

Having your site listed in search engine listings such as Google and directories such as Yahoo! is the best way to attract potential customers and generate new business for your company.

Search engine marketing is the most cost-effective method
for advertisers to reach their target audience.

A high search engine ranking will have a major impact on the success of your site.

Search engine optimization is more than just adding keywords to your web site code. There are numerous factors that contribute to your ranking, including:

  • style and quality of content
  • effective coding that is accessible to search engines
  • clear navigation
  • link popularity
  • user-friendly design

There is also the option of "Pay for Performance" search engine advertising, in which you pay the search engine companies every time a person clicks through from the search results to their web site.

Web directories use human editors to create their listings while most search engines use special software robots called "spiders" to retrieve information from web pages. Your site has to be optimized to be easily reviewed by both.

In order to help your site rank well within search engine listings and web directories, we offer the following:

  • web site optimization
  • site submission to major search engines and directories
  • content development to increase keyword density
  • increase links within content
  • keyword research and selection
  • link popularity analysis
  • optimization of navigational structure for clarity

Aside from the numerous specifics, both human editors and software robots are looking for one main component within your web site: usability.

The more user-friendly a web site is,
the higher it will rank in listings and directories.

Your site must be easy to find, navigate, and read. It must be consistent in layout and design, and it must be quick to download .

Sites that are optimized from the beginning of the design process require very little tweaking after the proper foundation is set up.

At Digital Paw Print, we optimize your site for search engines and directories so that potential customers will find you.

Make your mark on the web with Digital Paw Print.