Whether you require a logo for branding purposes, stylized icons to match the image that your company portrays, original illustrations, or any type of graphics for your site, Digital Paw Print creates custom graphics specifically for your needs.

Custom-made graphics are the best way to make your site
look attractive, unique, and professional.

All of our graphics and illustrations are custom-made for each individual and business. Concepts are sketched out first by hand, then scanned and rendered digitally.

Your web site or printed material may require any of the following:

  • page headers
  • graphic navigation
  • text graphics
  • banners
  • maps
  • backgrounds
  • illustrations of any type

Instead of using clip-art and stock images that have been used repeatedly by other businesses, you can stand out from the crowd by implementing original, creative graphics that perfectly capture the look and feel that best suits your company image. All of our graphics are optimized for the web, allowing quick download time.

Original icons can be created for your site, much like the icons you see in Digital Paw Print's own main navigation above. Whether elegant, simple, funky, or fancy, we can conceptualize and create unique icons for your site that further strengthen your image and corporate branding.

First impressions are critical
when establishing your company's image.

A logo is a design or graphic representation symbolizing one's organization. It is designed for instant identification and appears on company web sites, letterhead, advertising, and signs. It is an emblem by way of which consumers can easily identify your organization.

Logo concept is extremely important. You must determine what your logo is going to say about your company. Your logo should portray your company as an expert in your field. The message you are trying to convey to the consumer should be obvious. It is often preferable that your logo is contemporary, suggesting your company to be current and forward-thinking. A logo should be unique, reflect the personality of the company, attract attention, and leave an impression. A good logo helps your company appear to be professional and credible.

It is important to have a well-designed, eye-catching logo.

At Digital Paw Print, we work with you to plan and develop the perfect logo to suit your personal business image. It is important to remember that usually "less is more" - the most successful and memorable logos are extremely simple. Think about the logos designed for Nike, or Coca-Cola, or McDonald's. They're all extremely simple. This is a large part of their branding success. You want your logo to be recognized at a glance.

Your logo must look good in any size,
from a business card to a billboard.

Current logos can be updated instead of changed completely, particularly when a strong branding identity has already been established. Although major change can be sometimes considered risky, a slight update of style can be considered a mark of strength, longevity, and changing with the times.