Web Development

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An effective design requires solid programming skills. Digital Paw Print is able to meet the needs of both design and development for your web site. Providing both design and development in-house ultimately saves you time and money.

Using only the latest styles of coding and technology, Digital Paw Print hand-codes every site that we produce. This is preferable to using web development software, since hand-coding allows the developer far better control. Professional developers who have a solid understanding of the web and the process of web development should not require software to help put a site together.

Hand-coding is the truest form of web development
with the most control, and we consider the craftsmanship
of a web site to deserve this level of care.

All of our sites are produced using XHTML and CSS. Table-based sites are a thing of the past, and CSS has replaced the need for a huge amount of excess code. Images and graphics are optimized for downloading. These are some of the ways in which we build your web pages to load more quickly and efficiently, keeping the end user in mind.

We keep it simple for you.

When we undertake a new project, here is a rough break-down of the steps that take place:

  • we sit down with you and discuss your site needs and identify your competition
  • your technical requirements are set
  • a construction page is put up on your site if needed
  • we collect your site content - text, images, documents
  • site structure is built
  • the creative look and feel of your site is determined, examining your expectations and interests
  • once production is underway, your online project is set up in the vault
  • your client username and password are set up to allow you to view and approve progress in the vault
  • when your site is complete, we go through it with you page by page for final approval
  • your site is uploaded onto your own web site location.

We keep the process simple and straight-forward for our clients. We do extensive testing when building our sites to make sure all pages maintain a consistent layout and style across a wide range of browsers and platforms. With a large network of programmers and specialists, we are able to meet any and all needs.