Content Development

Having well-written content for your web site will often determine whether a visitor chooses to stay on your site or move on to another. It will also determine whether a key point is understood by the reader or if you lose your audience completely.

Creating good web site content is not a matter of simply pulling text from your print brochure and putting it online.

Studies repeatedly show that users prefer web content that is:

  • simple and straight-forward
  • easy to scan with bulleted lists
  • objectively written without exaggerated claims

We can take your existing content and edit, rewrite, and refine it so that it's ready for the web. We also prepare your content so that it's optimized for search engine indexing.

How do users read on the web? They don't.

According to a recent study done by usability experts Jakob Nielsen and John Morkes, people rarely read web pages word by word. They're more likely to scan the page, using:

  • highlighted keywords
  • sub-headings that are meaningful (and not "clever")
  • bulleted lists
  • at least 50% fewer words than what you'd find in print
  • one idea per paragraph

Nielsen found that credibility is important to users, since it is unclear who is behind a web page and whether the information can be trusted. Good writing and high-quality graphics can help increase credibility.

Users also detest exaggerated or boastful claims: they want to get straight to the facts. This also greatly affects credibility.

There are four main reasons why web users scan instead of read:

  • reading from computer screens is tiring
  • people prefer to feel active when on the web, they want to move or click on things
  • most users want to move between many pages and pick only the best segments of each
  • people often don't have the patience to work too hard for their information

Let us prepare your site content for you. You want your web site to have the right message with the right approach.