What You Need to Start

Sorry, you can't come in this area without a hard-hat and safety boots!

We're in the middle of a huge design and development overhaul of our own Web site. Since we can only work on our own site when we've got time between client projects, this area isn't yet ready for viewing. After all, don't they say the cobbler's kids go barefoot? Ah, they won't be barefoot for long. Keep checking in with us periodically and you'll see new areas being added on a regular basis. Of course, if you feel like adding a new project to our list, the progress on our site could slow down to a crawl. Hey, we wouldn't mind! We like being barefoot!

For more information about how Digital Paw Print can help grow your business, why template sites make us shudder, or even just to say hello, please contact us.

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