In those tender pre-kindergarten days of the early seventies, Jenn's first career aspiration was to become a pirate. Being told that pirates are not commonly found to be girls, she then decided that artist would be the next best choice.

As the main designer, developer, and illustrator for Digital Paw Print, Jenn enjoys combining her creative and artistic skills with her training in web usability to design websites. She then enjoys relying on her "inner geek" to solve challenges in the website development, which she likens to puzzle-solving. With a past career in commercial photography, lifetime commitment to illustration, and extensive training in graphic and web design, she brings a strong sense of style to her work. Jokingly referring to as "the human typewriter" by her friends for her small neat printing and organizational skills, Jenn found web design and development to be the perfect balance for a creative person with a technical twist.

Aside from her creative pursuits, Jenn finds happiness in feeding her insatiable appetite for reading, riding her motorcycle on clear sunny days, collecting new stamps in her passport, cheering on the Stormtroopers in episode IV, snowboarding, going to hot yoga classes, running on trails, cooking elaborate meals, spending time off with her husband Roy, and eating chocolatey-fudgey goodness.

A true Canadian at heart, she is an enthusiastic ice hockey player and has a talent for locating open beer stores.

Jenn is best inspired by peace and quiet, and thrives on communication and positivity.