DPP Dogs

Digital Paw Print just couldn't exist without the furry four-legged spirit behind the business. Meet the most important members, past and present, of our team.



The original inspiration for Digital Paw Print, Jackson is an important part of DPP's history. We lost our dearest friend to Lymphoma in December of 2007 at the young age of five and a half.

Part Golden Retriever and part Nova Scotian Duck Toller, Jackson was a lucky find when he turned up in a rescue shelter at seven weeks of age. He grew to become co-owner of the company as well as head of security, mail delivery, and reception. His exceptional good looks and charm made him a favourite at work and around the neighbourhood.

Although Jackson spent most of his days snoring with all four paws in the air on the office floor, he never failed to remind us when it was time for that late afternoon trip to the park.

With nicknames like Lamb-burger, Monkey Monster, and Schmoo-Bear, Jackson was clearly a much loved dog. His level of obedience was extremely impressive, allowing him to partake in client visits when invited.

Although Jackson's human parents miss him terribly, they take comfort in the knowledge that he now spends his time swimming in the clouds and flapping his newly-found wings to reach those squirrels in the sky.

Our business continues to grow in love and memoriam of our sweet friend.



Needless to say, we were extremely happy when Griffin came to join us in June of 2008 at the age of eight weeks.

Griffin is a purebred American Golden Retriever and came all the way from the Adirondack Mountains of New York State from an esteemed breeder known as Adirondac Goldens. You can visit their site here to see his truly impressive background. With a family tree chock full of blue-ribbon champion field dogs, Adriondac Griffin Fantham has well proven himself to be quite an exceptional dog.

Now at five years old, Griffin is very advanced in his training and has a sweet personality and devilish spirit. The wheels are turning pretty quickly in this one's head.

His favourite past-times so far are licking all sunscreen and moisturizer off of Jenn whenever possible, quickly and proudly locating any dead birds within an astonishingly large radius, and sporatically performing summersaults on the livingroom floor.

Griffin has become a wonderful team member at DPP. He is very much following in Jackson's footsteps by sleeping in the sunny patch on the office floor and reminding us when we've worked long enough by putting his head onto Jenn's lap and offering the look you see above. Okay yes, we really should update Griffin's photo. But isn't that one cute?

We expect that Griffin will continue to grow to be a strong, healthy, and happy team member.